Shred Guitar Greats: Michael Angelo Batio Vs Michael Romeo

Shred guitar players mesmerize audiences with their technical accuracy and drop-dead-gorgeous lightning speed. This space showcases Michael Angelo Batio and Michael Romeo, two of the finest shredders in the guitar world.

While many associate shred guitar with blistering solos, it’s not just speed, there’s more to shred guitar than just frantic scales. Its takes a master musician to poetically connect notes on the fret board and take speed picking to another level. Michael Angelo Batio and Michael Romeo have contrasting styles in the shred genre, but the fact remains they have taken guitar concepts and guitar technique to a another level. Truly, these guys are the next-level of shred.

Michael Angelo Batio

Michael Angelo Batio does smoke the fretboard with his fast fingers. His speed picking and lightning fast sweep arpeggios have become standard among shredders. Michael Angelo Batio has created his own unique style playing the guitar.

His showcase of the ‘Over-Under Technique’ has left shred enthusiasts gaping in disbelief. This guy is worshipped among shred fans. Considering his flawless shred techniques, it doesn’t come as a surprise why. Michael Angelo Batio has taken guitar technique in the realms of shred to another level. His shred instructional videos are insanely popular with shred guitar enthusiasts. This shred maestro has contributed immensely towards helping focus the shred genre as mainstream.

Must Have Micheal Angelo Batio Albums

  • No Boundaries
  • Planet Gemini
  • Intermezzo
  • Tradition
  • Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity

Michael Romeo

Michael Romeo is a guitar player that amazes with his melodic aspect in various shred styles. The Symphony X guitar player has stunned the guitar world with his brand of melodic shred. Listen to him solo and you’ll realize this guy can chase a demon to eternity. His arpeggios are smooth as silk and his blend of neoclassical in the realms of progressive metal have inspired a new wave of guitar players. His speed and technical accuracy in context with odd time intervals has taken progressive metal to new heights. Michael Romeo is revered in the shred community for his innovative phrasing in shred solos. When this guy breaks into a solo, he brings in an amalgamation of various influences ranging, from classical, rock and jazz. Michael Romeo’s metronomic accuracy in the rhythm section is testimony to the fact that this guy is a stickler for perfection. He uses some of the most tasteful arpeggios during solos. Michael Romeo is a Shred God in a class of his own.

Must Have Michael Romeo Albums

  • The Dark Chapter
  • The Divine Wings of Tragedy- Symphony X
  • The Odyssey- Symphony X
  • Iconoclast- Symphony X
  • Paradise Lost- Symphony X

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