Jazz Guitar Greats: Pat Metheny Vs John Scofield

It’s unbelievable what some guitar players accomplish within the realms of jazz. This segment on guitar players showcases two stalwarts o jazz guitar, Pat Metheny and John Scofield.

When jazz guitarists take center stage, you know you are going to witness something you never have. The improvised guitar solos jazz guitar players bring forth during a live performance resurrects passion to another level. Pat Metheny and John Scofield have contributed immensely towards music, the jazz genre in particular. Both these guitar players have covered different jazz styles. Their flawless technique, and unique identify established through phrasing is testimony to the fact Pat Metheny and John Scofield maestros of the discipline.

Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny is one of the most innovative guitarists in the jazz world. From melodic jazz lines to a brutal flurry of bee-bop notes this guitar player has it all.

The Pat Metheny sound has become standard in Jazz. Considering his incredible playing style, it doesn’t come as a surprise why he is the most emulated individuals in the jazz context among young jazz guitar players. Pat Metheney extracts a lush sound from his guitar taking listeners on a journey in soundscapes. His melodic approach to straight-ahead jazz and post bob are a class apart. The innovative jazz lines he comes up with in accordance with compositional structure signify Pat Metheny is pure genius. This guy has raised the bar for musicians from all genres. Pat Metheny is a monumental figure in jazz, and he will keep churning awe-inspiring jazz albums.

Must Have Pat Metheny Jazz Albums

  • Bright Size Life
  • Watercolors
  • Beyond The Missouri Sky
  • Offramp
  • New Chautauqua

John Scofield

When you talk about guitar players with a unique sound, John Scofield is among few guitar players that come to mind instantaneously. The various elements you come across in a John Scofield solo leave you mesmerized. John Scofield incorporates elements of jazz-fusion, post-bop, funk, acid jazz, and nu-jazz in his scheme of things. His playing is an amalgamation of various styles that have come into their own, something you can call the John Scofield signature sound. John Scofield is the master of phrasing. His guitar playing is multi-dimensional bringing in varied emotions to the listener. His elements of funk and jazz-fusion in traditional realms of jazz have earned him rave reviews from critics. If you listen to a John Scofield album, you realize he loves to do things daringly different, and that’s what sets him apart from other jazz musicians. Does it come as a surprise John Scofield is considered a Jazz guru?

Must Have John Scofield albums

  • Out Like A Light
  • Groove Elation
  • Bump
  • Still Warm
  • Loud Jazz

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