Indias Best Guitar Players

The guitar world is thriving globally. This space showcases a list of the best guitar players from India.

The guitar world is thriving globally. This space showcases a list of the best guitar players from India.

India is a country known for its musical diversity. Alongside Indian Classical music and Indian Folk music, Western music has earned its own space in various cities in India. The guitar scene in this multicultural country is alive and kicking. Although every city in India has its share of musical talents to boast about, not all cities promote live performances by bands and artists. In India the live music scene is at its best in cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Shillong, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Aizawal, Chennai, Pune, Imphal, Cochin, Dimapur, and Gangtok.

Western music has been popular in these cities since the 60s and 70s. Getting a decent guitar or guitar equipment in the past was not easy in India, however, now things have changed for Indian guitar players. Many popular guitar brands and guitar equipment is now available in musical instrument shops across the country.

The best guitarists from India

Every guitar player exhibits a style or technique that gives identity to guitar playing. Guitar players mentioned in this list have made India proud. Every guitarist has a sound and style that is truly unique. The contribution of these guitarists in the realm of music is noteworthy. Most guitar players are session’s musicians and also perform live regularly with various bands. What sets these guitar players apart from the rest is their individualistic sound. If you’re a youngster in India that loves guitar and dreams big, make it happen. Here are the guys that have taken guitar playing in India to the next level.

Indian guitar players you should lend your ears


  • Dhruv Ghanekar


  • Sumith Ramachandran


  • Prasanna


  • Amit Heri


  • Sukumar Prasad


  • Ehsaan Noorani


  • Amyt Datta


  • Rudy Wallang


  • Warren Mendonca


  • Sanjay Joseph


  • Mahesh Tinaikar


  • Saibal Basu


  • Christy Samuel


  • Baiju Dharmajan


  • Zothanpuia (ZTPA)


  • Derek Julian


  • Edwin Fernandes


  • Randolph Correia


  • Amancio D’Silva


  • Susmit Sen


  • Bruce Lee Mani


  • Paresh Kamath


  • Gerard Machado


  • Alwyn Fernandes


  • Himingpuia


  • Trinity D’Souza


  • Ravi Iyer


  • Noel Brothwick


  • Vikramjit Banerjee (Tuki)


  • Arjun Sen


  • Claver Menezes


  • Rex Vijayan


  • Eloy’ magic fingers’ Isaacs


  • Chandresh Kudwa


  • Kalyan Baruah


  • Chris Avinash

Feel free to mention or share information on Indian guitar greats I may have missed out. Grab your axe and spread the music.

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