Jazz Fusion Guitar Players: Greg Howe Vs Frank Gambale

There are some big names in the jazz fusion genre. This segment talks about Greg Howe and Frank Gambale.

Greg Howe and Frank Gambale are two guitarists that have contributed immensely in the Guitar circles. Least surprising why these guys are revered in the guitar kingdom. While their style of playing differs in many ways, their music connects with listeners in the in the jazz fusion genre.

Greg Howe

If you want to listen to a guitar player that displays an amalgamation of different styles, it’s got to be Greg Howe. This guitar god smokes the fret board with his playing. The funky rhythm parts he adds to his solos add textural changes to guitar playing. Like Allan Holdsworth, Greg Howe possesses an excellent legato technique.

Listen to a Greg Howe record and you will know this guy is in a league of his own. You find shades of jazz, classical, blues, and metal in his playing. Greg Howe is a master at funky chords and blazing chops and riffs. His legato technique is another level which is why he manages to get his phrasing space dead right every time. His tempo changes in a song are daring and unique and have mesmerized listeners globally. A naturally gifted musician, Greg Howe is one of the most sought after session guitarist globally.

Must have Greg Howe albums

  • Introspection
  • Greg Howe
  • Extraction (With Dennis Chambers and Victor Wooten)
  • Parallax
  • Sound Proof

Frank Gambale

If there a master at economy picking and sweep picking, it’s got to be Frank Gambale. When a guitarist is learning the nuances of sweep picking or economy picking, nine times out of ten that person would be referring to a Frank Gambale video. Well, that says a lot about this guitar player. One of the finest players in the jazz fusion genre this, Gambale is like a well oiled machine that never goes wrong. He churns out some of the most incredible and complex passage on the fret board. His sweep technique is sheer poetry in motion. Frank Gambale’s possesses a diverse range of influences which he showcases in a stunningly aesthetic shred sense. This guy is one of the most melodic shredders in the jazz fusion genre. Every shred head in the metal world is in awe of Frank Gambale’s inspirational playing. Many guitarists cite Frank Gambale as a major influence on their playing style. Well, this guitar wizard will continue to cast a spell on listeners.

Must have Frank Gambale albums

  • A Present for the Future
  • Coming To You Senses
  • Brave New Guitar
  • The Great Explorers
  • Thunder From Down Under

Greg Howe or Frank Gambale…

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