Neoclassical Guitar Players: Vinnie Moore Vs Tony MacAlpine

In this segment of neoclassical guitar it’s Vinnie Moore and Tony MacAlpine in a face off.

In the world of neoclassical shredders two names that shine elegantly are Vinnie Moore and Tony MacAlpine. Both these guitar players have a cult following in the neoclassical guitar world. While both have drastically different playing styles, each brings to the neo classical domain what is considered unique and innovative.

Vinnie Moore

Ask any metal guitarist about Vinnie Moore and he will give you a long lecture on the man and his guitar playing ability. It goes to show how much Vinnie Moore is respected in the metal and neoclassical kingdom. Seldom do you come across virtuoso guitarists with a blend of technique and emotion. If you like precision playing, you have to listen to Vinnie Moore.

When this guy hits the notes on his fret board you are left wondering what just happened. What’s amazed neo classical fans is Vinnie Moore’s ability to create melodies in scale changes. Also, it’s the warmth of his guitar tone that has mesmerized audiences in various genres of music. You won’t find a metal guitarist with a guitar tone as melodic as Vinnie Moore’s. One of the most melodic guitarists in rock and neoclassical metal, this guy truly is up among the best. Melody interspersed with speed, that’s Vinnie Moore for you.

Must have Vinnie Moore albums

  • Mind’s Eye
  • Meltdown
  • To the Core
  • Time Odyssey
  • Defying Gravity

Tony MacAlpine

Another guitarist neo classical shredders cannot help but rave about is Tony MacAlpine. This guy is one of the most technically proficient guitar players in the metal world. His strong grasp on theory is what helps him incorporate ideas in his different styles of guitar playing. From melodic lines to brutally monstrous runs and chops, this guitar player has it all in his repertoire. Tony MacAlpine’s neoclassical licks have an identity of their own. His signature style neoclassical runs have been emulated by many guitarists. Tony MacAlpine is one of the most sought after session’s guitarists. His ability to play different styles makes him stand out in the neo classical world. The shred world too acknowledges the fact that Tony MacAlpine has some of the most terrifying licks in guitar playing history. His prowess over the guitar and keyboard shows in the music he brings to life.

Must have Tony McAlpine albums

  • Edge of Insanity
  • Eyes of the World
  • Maximum Security
  • Freedom to Fly
  • Premonition

Vinnie Moore or Tony MacAlpine…

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