Top 6 Hollywood Actors with that diabolic Death Stare

Few Hollywood actors emote with their eyes. Saying a zillion things without saying a word comes forth in personality. Dwell deep in a showcase of Hollywood actors with that diabolic death stare.

A number of Hollywood actors charm audiences with their acting skills. However, there’s a crop of actors that speak the unspoken language with their eyes. Expressing, or rather conveying what’s on your mind without saying a word takes skill, and Hollywood provides a plethora of emotions that involve mannerisms and gestures. Actors that demand attention with their diabolic stare are often portrayed in negative light. The way an actor uses his eyes during a scene in a movie depends a great deal on improvisational skills. Actors with that menacing death stare are talked about in varied circles.

While many critics around the world love the language of death stare in movies, audiences seem baffled by the intensity expression of eyes bring to a movie.

We see various characters portrayed in Hollywood movies. There are moments in movies when actors convey a wall of emotion through their eyes. A menacing gaze amidst the backdrop of music or melancholic dirge tells a story untold. Among the many Hollywood actors that mesmerize with their acting skills, few take the game to the next level with their diabolic death stare. The various avatars actors bring to life in movies are loved by audiences. Many actors gaze and stare in movies in accordance with their characters, however, only few succeed convincingly.  The space below is dedicated to actors that have been loved and feared for their diabolic death stare.

Top 6 Hollywood Actors with That Diabolic Death Stare

1. Jack Nicholson

The Jack Nicholson gaze can send a shiver down the spine of movie goers. This guy has an uncanny knack of speaking a language with his eyes. Jack Nicholson has a menacing gaze that is become a prominent part in his scheme of things in movies.

Furthermore, the lines on his forehead add an aesthetic blend to awkward moments. Over the years Jack Nicholson has captivated audiences with his subtle mannerisms and lifelike persona in movies. His gaze has always been his strength.

2. Christopher Walken

In the world of gazing it doesn’t better than Christopher Walken. Watch a Christopher Walken movie and it becomes clear why this guy is in a league of his own. Christopher Walken manages his diabolic death stare with a smirk on his face, and that takes “eerie” to a whole new level.

This guy can make the unreal come to life with his diabolic stare. His death stare churns all that dwells within. It’s impossible to play a staring game with Christopher Walken. He seldom shifts his gaze as he delivers his dialogue. When he looks into your eye, there’s no escape. Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of women when Christopher Walken stares?

3. Al Pacino

Another heavyweight in the Hollywood “stare” brigade is Al Pacino. Aside from his unconventional dialogue delivery, its Al Pacino’s sublime gaze that has won hearts all over. There’s never a moment in an Al Pacino movie when the stare loses momentum, it’s always there waiting for an opportunity to seize and take over. The deafening silence this guy’s stare brings about is sheer poetry.

You know you are in for a treat when Al Pacino gazes in a scene without saying a word. His gestures are a formidable part of his body language, and he often uses theatrical gestures accompanied with a stare to convey feelings. When you watch the “Godfather” series, you realize the language of eyes is the real deal.

4. Anthony Hopkins

If you love deathly silence accompanied by a death stare, you’ve got to look no further beyond Anthony Hopkins. When this guy gazes, it does make audiences uncomfortable. Anthony Hopkins’s sly gaze is in synch with the characters he plays in movies.

This guy’s diabolic death stare is terrifying and brings forth a sense of fear that looms seamlessly. Talk about doing poetic justice to a scene in a movie, this guy opens doors to new pathways.

5. Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi brings character to life in his movies. His beady eyes and trademark stare have become standard in Hollywood. His death stare has the capacity to instill fear. His eyes express diabolically giving viewers a glance at the larger picture in his mind.

Preaching with the eyes is no easy task, but for this guy it’s a breeze. Steve Buscemi has an infectious persona and his eyes can resurrect the dead. 

6. William Dafoe

This guy can make you break into a sweat with his diabolic stare. William Dafoe is a serial-gazer that can make your bones stiff. His death stare has expression and often conveys what it has to. If you have watched William Dafoe movies closely, you must have noticed this guy does not blink.

Not many actors can go through with a scene without blinking. This guy does it effortlessly. Has anybody seen William Dafoe blinking?

The aforementioned actors have raised the benchmark in gazing. The silent scream that these actors evoke from audiences is testimony to the fact that their acting skills are at another level.

Gazing and staring is natural instinct for some individuals. There are varied interpretations on gazing and staring in accordance with how a perspective is seen. It’s not a pleasant feeling to be stared at. When we come across someone gazing or staring, innumerable thoughts come alive in dark corners of the mind. While negativity and the dark side are associated with gazing and staring, most time it’s a harmless gesture that awakens our senses to look at the dark side of character. We judge by what our eyes see. We often tend to see the cruel side of character when we come across a person staring or gazing. An introspective on what lies within changes everything. Does gazing and staring have motive? Not every time. Not everybody smiles! Feel free to have your say.

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